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The BioForce Athlete Difference

The process that sets us apart

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    Individualized Group Training

    We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach to training. We’ll equip each individual within a group with custom programs tailored specifically to personal strengths, weaknesses, and goals.

  • 2

    Cutting Edge Technology

    Utilize state-of-the-art BioForce HRV technology to avoid overtraining or hitting performance plateaus and minimize risk of injury.

  • 3

    Complete Lifestyle Integration

    Using HRV technology, we’ll analyze how your lifestyle outside the gym- diet, sleep, work stress, etc.- is affecting your athletic performance.

  • 4

    World Class Training

    Receive instruction from the same experts who train top-level pros, from UFC world champions to the Seahawks.

  • 5

    Guaranteed Results

    We are so certain that you’ll be happy with your results from the BioForce Athlete Program, we’ll refund your entire purchase if you’re not satisfied.

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How It Works

What to expect from the BioForce Athlete Program

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    Meet with our fitness experts to determine your goals and how to achieve them

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    Undergo A Personalized Evaluation

    Assess your strengths and weaknesses to customize your program

  • 3

    Start Your Program

    Train using your custom program, 3 times/week over 90 days

  • 4

    Continue To Take Monthly Evaluations

    Make sure you’re on track to see the results you want and adjust your training accordingly

  • 5

    See Results

    See how far you’ve come and enjoy the results of training smarter

What BioForce Athletes Are Saying…

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